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I would tell her, I think, standing here in the hallway, as I feel the damp spread of tears across my cheeks, that life is limitless, that fear is conquerable, that if you stay concealed in the shadows, you’ll never be seen. That spending the better part of your days trying to fix people might be admirable; no, in fact, it is admirable, but only when you’re not doing so to avoid fixing yourself.

This is one of may favorite passages from The One That I Want, by Allison Winn Scotch. I could do nothing more than list favorite passages from this book to you here, and you’d be fulfilled by her words, by the way in which she brought these characters to life — to existence. And most likely, listing these passages would undoubtedly make this a mind-blowing blog read for you, but there’s more to it. More to the words of a great writer, more to the way she makes you care about what is happening in the lives of these strangers, more to the story then I could possibly reveal for you here. I would encourage you to follow the link and buy this book — today. But, that’s not why I’m here talking about this book today. I’m here today because this story affected me.

There’s a question that reverberates throughout the story, “…aren’t we all stuck?” It seems like such a simple question, really. Who wants to be stuck? I think we all fall into the habit of doing as “Tilly”, the protagonist in the story does. She envisioned the perfect (for her) life and then set out to attain that life — in fact, avoiding her life, her reality, in the process. It’s so easy for us to fall into the habit of putting blinders on so we avoid derailing the vision at all costs, we avoid change, we avoid reality — we avoid.

I think I felt stuck as well, in a life that really only existed in thoughts and outward appearances — I never wanted to be the one to just “get over” things… things that should never require “getting over.” Marriage is a business, but, that shouldn’t be all it is. And somethings aren’t meant to last forever, somethings don’t fit nicely into the vision of perfection.

I would tell her many things, I think, before I finally steer myself away. Mostly, I’d tell her that it isn’t too late. That the years are long and the road is winding and that dreams float out there to be captured, but only if you’re brave enough to reach up and grasp them.

So, perhaps it’s time to reach up and grasp some new dreams. Perhaps it’s time to move-on. Perhaps, it’s just time. Because being stuck, can change. We’re not all stuck, after all.

I feel very fortunate to have stumbled onto the path of Allison Winn Scotch. She is an extremely talented writer — but, that isn’t what defines her, I think. She’s funny and caring and pretty damn cool and I’m glad she and I are friends (if only virtual for now). So visit her blog, follow her on twitter, join her Facebook fan site. But mostly, purchase this book — you’ll thank me later!

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