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Snow Day!

The snow day is one of the most sought after treasures the world can offer, really. And living in the south, they carry much more meaning. We get snow (or what we refer to as snow) maybe two or three times a year — always resulting in a day off from school. The anticipation is ridiculous — from the weatherman, the schools, the grocery stores. It’s all anyone can talk about when snow might be in the forecast.

My grandparents lived just outside of St. Louis, so I knew what a large snowfall looked like. I remember there being feet of snow falling overnight. I would literally wake up to a winter wonderland. The closest we’ve come to a major snow fall came about seven years ago. Snow had been predicted but hadn’t started falling before the schools got underway that morning — again, the anticipation was grueling. It started snowing at about ten — the schools immediately closed early. But, it was too late. It snowed seven inches in what seemed like twelve minutes.

The entire mid-state region came to a standstill. I was unable to leave school with my  kids (just two at the time). Many students at the school where I taught were stuck, there, at school, with us – the buses couldn’t get to them, their parents couldn’t get to them — you would have thought Armageddon was real and resting in Nashville. It was oddly fun though, being stranded at school. We raided the cafeteria and made pizzas and hotdogs and everything else we could find to cook for dinner (yes, we really were stuck there with about 200 students and teachers). Once I finally did get home (a four hour drive that usually took eighteen minutes), we were snowed in for about four days. (It just dawned on me that my youngest was born nine and a half months later in October — hmmm.)

But, back to this snow day. The anticipation of a snow event is really all we need for the schools to close down (thanks to the 2003 event) and so we knew fairly early in the day that school was going to be cancelled the next day in preparation.

The kids all went to bed after flushing ice cubes down the toilet with spoons under their pillows and with their pajamas inside out just to make sure the snow would come — it didn’t, not really. But there was enough ice on the roads to call school off the next day as well. So they repeated the ritual and waited for the snow to come — it didn’t, not really. So we had to come up with alternate snow day plans.

The alternate plans involved a movie, an art project, a trip to the pet store to look at the fish, a trip to the bookstore that turned into a bout of pouting for a toy as opposed to a book (I have a hard time buying toys at the bookstore, but… happened anyway), and ended with a great dinner out. They also included my oldest daughter spending the day with friends, making her own memories. The ones she didn’t need her mom to plan for her — revelations hit us all the time.

Strangely enough, on our way home from dinner, it finally started to snow. So, once again we all went to bed with the anticipation of  snow when we awoke. This time, it was here.

I pieced together a little video of the events of the last three days, mainly because I hadn’t used the movie editing software that came with the computer and I wanted to try it out. I think you’ll agree that this result is a clear sign that I need more practice!

So, there it is, a snow day video that actually took place over three days while we waited for the treasure of the new fallen snow. There’s just something about snow that makes you feel unusually warm and cozy — or maybe, it’s the hot cocoa.

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