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My mind keeps searching for the answers…

harassing my thoughts like the waves with the shore.

Everything that I’ve ever known…

can’t compare to what I forgot so long before.


… always becoming.

I look up to the night sky…

comforted that we share the same moon.

It makes me smile…

even when I walk this beach alone.


… always becoming.

I wrote out so many of my hopes…

and tossed them in the sea.

letting all those scattered thoughts…

fill the space in between.


… always becoming.

I’m tired, I need to rest…

still battered from handing you my words.

I remember that horrible feeling…

as if my parts were all left in discord.


… always becoming.

Sitting on this beach, my bruises so exposed…

feels like I’ve walked a million miles.

Dreamt in black and white of this hope…

shielding my soul from the brightness of your smile.


… always becoming.

Trying to gather all the pieces of my heart…

holding them so delicately in my hand.

You’ll find me standing at the edge of the shore…

watching the waves battle my footprints for the sand.


… always becoming.

My hopes bottled up…

rolling away on top of the waves.

I willingly tossed them…

now it’s clear how to be brave.


… always becoming.

I’d walk those million miles…

just to sit on that beach for a while,

just to feel the cool ocean breeze,

just to be there and relax and breathe,

just to dig my toes in the same forgiving shore,

I’d walk those million miles.

But now I know,

the tide rolled away, again…

and me?

I’m always becoming, always.

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The New Year is just literally minutes away. I’m sure this is a time when everyone sits around and reflects on the year they just had — reliving the good times and the bad times. My thoughts have been ever increasingly focused on the future — what does it hold for me and my family… how can I make this the year that is different. The last several New Year’s have been rung in very unceremoniously — life seemed to have other ideas of what should be important and what should be put off until later. I suppose this year is fairly unceremonious as well (given the fact that I am sitting in a hotel room as my family sleeps while I watch the ball drop on Times Square), except that I am in Disney World and my outlook has already began to change.

When I was growing up, watching Dick Clark on New Years’s was the next best thing to actually going out to celebrate. Actually, there were times when I thought it must have been better. Although I loved to watch all the people gathered there, the thought of being among them was never given much credence. Too many people, too cold, too much hassle to get there — way too many too’s.

I think that what makes New Year’s so appealing to everyone is the carte blanche effect. You know, it’s like the worlds biggest do-over. And, on top of the do-over, you get to create new expectations for yourself — the resolution. You know me and my need to google things. I thought I better google New Years Resolution and see what came up.

Here’s what it said: A New Year’s resolution is a commitment that an individual makes to a project or the reforming of a habit, often a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as advantageous. The name comes from the fact that these commitments normally go into effect on New Years Day.

Making resolutions seems to be the light-hearted part of the whole New Years experience — really, who ever keeps them? I can’t remember ever committing to a resolution I made on New Years — until now. I actually started putting my resolutions into effect about a month ago (I wanted to get the jump on everyone else). So, I’ll share some of mine… out loud. The out loud part is significant isn’t it? Let’s people know you are serious.

  1. Get Healthy
  2. Leap
  3. Read more fun things — for me
  4. Re-kindle a passion for an activity I used to love — tennis, guitar, piano
  5. Laugh more with my girls from work (although that may be seriously impossible, we laugh all the time as it is)
  6. Wash my car once a week (I love it when the tires are so clean they look wet)
  7. Yoga everyday
  8. Breathe

Ok, so I came up with eight that I’ll share. That seems to be a good start. Now, it’s your turn — any resolutions you’re willing to share, out loud?

Happy New Year!

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