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You know, dreams are strange aren’t they? My children have very often come to my bed in the night, afraid. I usually just welcome them in and assume my place on the very edge of the bed. But, when morning comes, I can’t help but ask what they had dreamt about. Many times they respond “I don’t remember”, I’m not always sure I believe them. But sometimes, if I’m lucky, I get an actual answer – the way they piece together the memory of the dreams is fascinating to watch.

I remember very clearly the dreams that woke me up when I was a kid. Sometimes, it was tornados that I never could outrun. Sometimes, it was weird animals or even bigfoot that was chasing me. I distinctly remember lying in my bed and yelling for my mother, asking her if I could come to her bed.

I thought ‘First Pages’ was appropriate for the name of this blog because I have always had a dream of writing. Unfortunately, life always got in the way. I have written several beginnings to novels and short stories over the years – never really made it much past the first page though. So, why not a blog – where I can have a different first page as often as I want.

Dreams aren’t always scary. I try to help my children remember the good dreams, the ones that you are so mad when you wake up from. If you’re lucky, you can return to those dreams and finish them. You know, dreams really are strange.

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