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Pieces of me are scattered around,

jumbled on the mind like a puzzle strown across a hardwood floor on a cold winter night…

everyone gathers to piece it together,

everyone grabs a piece and they know exactly where it goes,

everyone sees the end result and how to get there and how beautiful it will be when it’s complete.

Pieces of me I don’t recognize,

like the tiny circular glass left across the road when two cars have collided,

the glass merges all into one heap of unknowing,

the beginning of one car is lost in the ending of another, take a broom and sweep it all away and then it’s gone,

no more pieces.

Pieces of me torn out and handed to you,

just to see what you’ll do,

just to see if you care,

just to see if you stole a piece and want to put it back,

just to give it to you…

Pieces of me all tattered and torn,

ripped wide open like the sky after a storm and a rainbow dares to show itself to the world and scream to be seen and laugh at the dark clouds on either side because there,

there in the middle,

there in the spot that was ripped open,

there is a piece of hope.

Pieces of me,




Pieces of me tossed into the air like confetti at a celebration,

sparkling and shimmering and floating gently down to the soft ground making a beautiful pattern as they land…




I offer this for the “One Shot Wednesday” event at One Stop Poetry, which each week invites poets to share and read each other’s work. Be sure to visit the site late Tuesday afternoon and every Wednesday for links to the many contributors’ poems. As well as Jingle Poetry Potluck, and Thursday’s Poet Rally… explore the wonderful world of poetry waiting for you.

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