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It’s so easy.
The sweet words and powerful quotes.
The smiles and reaching out.
It’s so easy to believe in fairy godmothers and forgiving friends and love that travels across a world just to reach you.

It’s so easy.
The strangling silence and whispers floating through the air.
The turning away and shaking off of the dust.
It’s so easy to believe in people and goodness and kind hearts that open up just because.

It’s so easy.
To ignore your words and never change your actions.
The looking around and over and under, whatever it takes to avoid.
It’s so easy to believe in long walks and falling stars and wishes in the night.

It’s so easy to forget.
It’s so easy to remember.
It’s so easy to hear your silence.
It’s so easy to wish for better days.
It’s so easy to leave and never look back and laugh at your own choice.
It’s so easy to look for your somewhere over the rainbow.
It’s so easy to see me when I’m weak.
It’s so easy to stop and walk away.
It will be so easy.

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