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It’s bottled up, there, just above your head.

A cloud filled with all the love I could never hold, a cloud filled with all the love I wanted to give to you, a cloud filled with desperation and hope and dreams and…

Don’t look up… or wait, maybe do.

It might rain down on you in a monstrous storm that I can’t control. I’ve been storing all my thoughts and feelings, storing them… waiting. And now, swirling around above your head like a storm cloud waiting to catch me off guard.

But still…

The rumbling echos of thunder, the blinding sparks of lightning — it’s all there, in the cloud hovering above that I am determined to regain control of.

I let it out, slowly… calmly, like the cleansing of a spring rain. It wants to explode from its bindings but I stay, there… locked in the moment. It falls gently… once again. Slowly, like the building up of a smile on a newborns face. It touches me… I let it. Rolling down my face as I raise my gaze to the now calm cloud perched in the sky.

Reminding me that love flows, gentle and affirming, careful and consistent.

But still…

Messy, tousled — ever-changing, fluid.

Mending your soul and breaking your heart.

Saving you a seat.

Love is the all of everything.


I really love Amy Krouse Rosenthal. If you don’t already know of her… you should. Click the link to find out about her and the last installment of her Beckoning The Lovely Project, being released on 11/11/11.

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