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Afraid of Fear

There was a storm the other night. Typically when it storms at night, I am always awake. I have a very hard time sleeping when it’s thundering and lightning and when the wind is shaking the windows — actually, I don’t sleep at all during storms. And, unfortunately, you never can tell when a storm might be approaching. You never can tell when you should wait it out and hope it goes away or face it and take shelter. Storms are unpredictable.

My oldest dog, Scout, is afraid of storms. It’s over-whelming for her really. She can sense when they are approaching — wouldn’t that be a great ability to have, to know when turbulence is coming? Anyway, back to Scout. When the storm is coming, she immediately needs shelter. She stays close to my side. I stroke her head and talk to her and brush her. And when the fear is gone, she’s ok. She doesn’t need me to constantly comfort her — but, there are those times when she will panic if I’m not there. We all need someone like that don’t we? Someone who will just sit with you until the storm clears. You have to take shelter sometimes, even if for just a little while. But, storms don’t last forever.

I was driving my daughter and some of her friends home from school one day after it had stormed. We all noticed the most beautiful of rainbows arching its way from the damp ground to the partially concealed sky. The serene moments after the storm out number the storms — isn’t that the way it should be?

Now, back to Scout and her ability to predict those approaching storms. I think if she were able to predict the storms approach and then do something about it, like stop the storm or calm herself, then her ability would be quite the superpower. As it is, she only becomes afraid that much sooner. She becomes afraid of the fear she knows is approaching in those dark clouds and resonating thunder.

But still, she has me. And I like being available to her, I like being needed.

We all need someone to sit through the storms with us. And besides, you never know when a rainbow will appear and then you will have someone with you to enjoy the rainbow.

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