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Hello All!
I ventured over to another blog to join in some Halloween antics. I wrote a truly gruesome story that I have no idea what part of my mind that thing has been hiding in — it was fun to just let go and be gory!

Please, go give it a read and leave a comment.
I’ll be back to my normal Zen self soon — have been taking some time off blogging (notice I didn’t say writing 🙂 ) to get paperwork and college visits and all those senior things in order for my oldest daughter.
Here’s the link ~~~> go take a look, please:
Hell Hound


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Hi everyone!
I am excited to be have been asked to write a story in a collection of Halloween tales.
This is my first attempt at spooky/creepy/Halloweenie!

Please, go read, leave a comment!

A Perfect Night

I’ll be back here with a couple of new poems soon!

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